Application Development: Ubudehe Database MIS

Development and implementation of the Ubudehe MIS to support data on nation-wide census of all household on their socio-economic status leading to categorization of household (through a particpatory community based approach called ubudehe) to support social protection interventions from various social protection programs such as Ubudehe, VUP direct support and public works. The applications called for two way integration:

(a) National Population Registry (NPR): Integration with NPR (as a foundational register for identity information) where the Ubudehe application would consume web services by NPR to support identification of beneficiary/potential beneficiary (e.g. ID exists, ID matches with the names and other biometric details) and harmonization and synchronization between Ubudehe and NPR where NPR would update Ubudehe with identity information based on live events (births, deaths, marriages, movements).

(b) Single Social Protection Registry (SSPR): SSPR would contain information on those that are benefiting and those who have benefited from social protection with identity information provided by Ubudehe through web services.

The implementation included data migration transfer of raw in the form of huge flat files (Excel spreadsheets) to one huge table in a database, followed by data cleansing and conversion from one database table to the desired data structure and eventual migration to the target database.

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