Fondation Botnar is a philanthropic foundation, based in Basel, Switzerland with the vision “The future now, for children worldwide”. In Tanzania, the foundation is supporting the Government of Tanzania to implement the National Action and Investment Agenda for Adolescent Health and Wellbeing.

Since November 2018, the foundation has been working in collaboration with a multi sectorial stakeholders’ group in the city of Tanga – Tanzania, to explore opportunities
to improve the wellbeing of young people in the city. This collaborative effort formed a vision for Tanga, as ‘A city where a child is healthy and, appropriately educated, who, at 19 years of age having lived in a safe, secure and supportive environment is prepared to contribute socially and economically to her/his society’. It has also identified 3 priority areas for future interventions:

  1. Use of evidence to inform decisions at various levels
  2. Improve access and quality of social services (health, education etc.)
  3. Skills Development and Jobs Creation

In 2020 with the aim to support the implementation of prioritized interventions, the foundation has partnered with INNOVEX for the implementation of Tanga Adolescent health and well-being programme. Read More

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